Loki – What happened in the last episode? (contains SPOILERS)

The trickster is now intrigued

After an amazing kick off to the show, yesterday’s episode of Loki manages to place us on the hype train right off the bat. Considering the first season it’s the same length of episodes as TFATWS, but with a significantly more important role on the plot of phase 4, Michael Waldron didn’t waste any time.

The second episode showed us how 2 different variants of the same individual can be geniuses, while Loki was able to notice his other version hideouts in pre determined apocalypses and predicting the next move based on the evidence of the first episode, Lady Loki had already anticipated it all, leaving the Kablooie gum on purpose luring them to the supermarket in 2050 only to make her male version follow her through the time portal, not so long after bombing the sacred timeline in different years creating different multiverses.


Only two episodes in and we can safely say how incredible the new MCU pair, Loki and Mobius, is. Complementing each other in a way where Loki slowly accepts the fact that he can no longer stab whoever he wants in the back and considers improving himself, but of course, in his own god of mischief way, while Mobius is a kind of a tutor he is in a constant fight not only with Ravonna and the rest of the TVA but with himself when it comes to giving the benefit of the doubt to Loki and how much freedom he could trust him with when it comes to help in the investigation.

All of that is only possible because of the impeccable chemistry between Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson and their characters complemented by the amazing direction work of Kate Herron which add more with overall aesthetic of the TVA headquarters.

final thought

Out where the variant splits the timeline

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