Loki Episode 3 Review – Chaotic “Bonding”? (SPOILERS)

The 3rd episode of Loki didn’t run from the overall MCU QC, but unfortunately had a first toe stub during its climax. 

With an enchanting first half, this episode contains very good fighting choreographies throughout its entirety, also the espetacular scenery of Lamentis hits the spot, all frames on this place are wallpaper worthy, plus the situation given to the episode protagonists, does a very natural inducing to a brain battle between the to in an attempt to solve the TemPad situation. Aiming to impone superiority, mainly by Sylvie, who at first, doesn’t admit being considered just another variant, but as the episode progresses we see a strangely fast, brotherly kinda, bonding start between her and Loki, which brought deep conversations from their origins to questioning a difficult dilemma for both gods and humans. The real meaning of love.

The second half maintains itself very tightly, after seeing that everything goes wrong for both variants and the Lamentis population, you really feel the agony and extreme need for survival in the final act due mainly to the way those scenes were directed.          Unfortunately, the downgrade on the climax is very noticeable. Although the direction reaches its best during this part, the fighting scenes got simple and bad, Loki running from the asteroids seemed more like a dance and that falling antena was just sad.

 It might be soon to say this but, for a first episode of interaction, Tom Hilldeston also shows a very good chemistry with Sophia Di Martino, not just because they’re variants and theoretically the same person with the same personality, but because of their expressiveness while acting which really complements with their dialogues.


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