Ed Sheeran comes back with new song “Bad Habits”

Photo : Reproduction/Instagram

Ed Sheeran has an unusual comeback with his new song “Bad Habits”. After a while without news, the singer-songwriter indicates a possible return to the music world, both the clip and latest posts in his media, show a new phase for this new work.

Check out the new song below

The music video for “Bad Habits” brings a vampire version of the singer. In a scenario of constant confusion, Ed seems to say goodbye to his style and format of previous projects and comes up with a different proposal. During a chat with Zane Lowe, for Apple Music’s youtube channel, Ed talks about his goals with the new phase and mentions: “When Life is getting back to normal and you can put out this song, I’ve just, I wanted to just lift. I just wanna to feel like I lift“. In addition to this conversation, the singer has gone through several changes and programs in the last few hours to talk about the release, new ideas and plans.


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