Loki Episode 4 Review – Heartwarming Chills (SPOILERS)

Surprises after surprises, Loki episode 4 had it’s flaws but was still able to drop everybody’s jaws.

After putting the most 3 beloved characters of the series, in situations that mix your feelings nonstop, throughout the whole thing, they manage to calm our nerves and instantly hype us up again, all in the show’s very first post credit scene.

As once said by the sorcerer supreme himself: ”It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakble”, this statement fits perfectly with the choice of making Loki fall for “himself”. It’s something that you only consider expected, after it really happened and, even though traces were shown in the previous episode, I personally got a more friendsh’ feeling. This not only reassures the extreme narcisism from the character’s very well known persona and complements nicely Tom Hilddeston and Sophia Di Martino’s chemistry while sharing the screen, but also gives a lesson about self-love, where you learn to accept yourself the way you are and improve what you judge neecesary after living life and meeting people that you can trust and exchange honest perspectives of each other, making both of you realize aspects neither had noticed before. Michael Waldron’s subtle move to make Mobius break free from his blind faith on the TVA worked really well, making him trust our anti-hero after witnessing him loose in his own game, due to not only worrying about Sylvie, but seeing the only way out to that manipulated friend was revealing the truth in all honesty, which got him questioning the evident inconsistencies in Ramona’s speech, forcing him to check it himself. The post credit scene relieved and surprised us, posetively, in a matter of seconds, showing us 4 new variants and finally ending the mystery of the secret role played by Richard E. Grant, Old Loki. 

The forth episode was clearly rushed, it worked mainly because of the build up in the previous ones added with a precise use of the OST in key moments, that’s understandable considering the lenght of the show, but unfortunetly a similar mistake from episode 3 ocurred again, not as bad considering the attention to everything else, but still avoidable, that being the climax’s final fighting scene where the choreography was slow, heavy and you couldn’t really feel the hits.

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