Spider-Man’s DLC for Marvel’s Avengers finally has a little bit of info

source: PlayStation/Youtube

After showing a trailer for ‘Black Panther: War for Wakanda’, the next free expansion of Marvel’s Avengers to be released in August, at E3 2021, everyone was wondering about the previously teased hero that is expected to appear in Square Enix’s game, everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood wallcrawler.

Well, we finally got a simple but interesting info on Spidey’s arrival. Crystal Dynamics lead animator Anthony Garttmeyer recently was in the FKNA podcast and when asked about it he replied: “Spider-Man is the end of the year. That is all I can say.”, since the lead animator isn’t involved directly with the approval procedure it’s not a 100% confirmation but it makes sense for a possible December release considering it’s the same month that Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out.

This Playstation exclusive had a planned release for March, as stated in an official magazine, but that didn’t work out so we can only wait for the Year 2 Roadmap to drop for a possible answer.

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