Loki Episode 5 – Knowing More of You (SPOILERS)

The fifth episode of Loki is here and is easily the best one of the show. Filled to the brim with references and plans made up during the heat of the moment, by pure urge to unveil the truth.

From Thanoscopter to Throg, Yellow Jacket’s helmet, The Living Tribunal’s head and nordic mythology itself, this episode doesn’t waste time on also referencing what appears to be one of the main inspirations for the series narrative, The Wizard of Oz. In the beginning, when Ravonna tries luring Sylvie for a team up in an attempt to “the man behind the curtain”, in the middle, when Old Loki is distracting Alioth with an fake Asgard that seemly looks like Emerald City, and right at the end, when Loki and Sylvie enchant the beast and the path opens just like the “curtain”.

Episode 5’s offer of showing more variants worked out better than expected. More variants, all very unique, yet all very similar. It’s clear how nice they worked together even for only one episode, especially Richard E. Grant, who nailed it in the Old Loki role, from his dialogues to his overall personification with the character, and his final sacrifice for those who he truly believed in. Our 3 favorite characters finally got their little shared moment, acknowledging themselves as real friends, and before that Loki and Sylvie really learned that they can trust each other without any doubts.

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