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Twitter Wants Marvel vs Capcom 2 Back

On the afternoon of today (02), Twitch streamer Maximilian Dood started the hashtag #FREEMVC2 on twitter to bring awareness that Marvel vs Capcom 2 has been out from digital stores and unpurchasable for 7 years since it’s re-release that ocurred 12 years ago. Max stated that the game was really important for the history of fighting games and even videogames in general and asked people to use the hashtag and tell why they’d be interested in a new re-release of the game. Max’s tweet can be seen down below.


After Max’s tweet, people started to spread the word around and got the hashtag to the trending topics. In it, many people were telling how the game was really important to their lives and how it would be great to have it in modern platforms, since it already played really well back in the PS3/360 era.

This whole situation it’s really important for the videogame industry because it shows that people still appreciate old games and that they still want to play them nowadays, and that companies should try to preserve these gems and have them being re-realeased in modern day consoles so that it makes it easier for people to access and play those games since most people can’t have access to emulation or simply don’t know how to emulate old games.

If people start actions like these more frequently then we might possibly change things and show to game companies that old games are still good and enjoyable even after years since their original release

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