Street Fighter V Summer Updates

This evening (03), we had the long-awaited Street Fighter V Summer Update, which would give us new info regarding Oro’s abilities in more detail, Akira’s showcase and more related to the game’s 5th and final season.

Oro’s skills and how he plays

At this transmission, we got to see in deeper detail how Oro’s V-Skills and V-Triggers will work during gameplay.

His V-Skill 1, Onibi works similarly to his Yagyodama from 3rd Strike, in which a projectile slowly follows a diagonal trajectory after being shot to the ground. It does not activate instantly but can be really effective if applied properly in battle, such as far or safe situations, and it’s EX version follows the opponent, making it quite difficult to avoid.

His second V-Skill: Minomushi is a small foward jump that can be followed up by two different attacks, one being the Kaki Otoshi activated by the punch button, which can be followed up by a combo on hit. Following up with the kick button will result in the Eda Uchi, a less vunerable attack in relation to Kaki Otoshi.

Now moving on to the V-Triggers, the first one, Manrikitan gives Oro the ability to use his 3rd Strike throws Kishinriki and Kishin Kuchu Jigoku Guruma. Oro’s second V-Trigger: Tengu Stone, it’s a nod to one of his skills in 3rd Strike in which he summons rocks to float around him, but this time they follow up after his attacks, allowing Oro to have more attacks combinations. By pressing the downward direction while activating Tengu Stone will make him perform Tengu Midare Stone instead, summoning five stones rather than three only, but the V-timer will deplete faster.

Akira’s Showcase and Stage

We finally got to take a full look at Akira’s whole set of skills. She brings all of her moves and techniques from Rival Schools but a little updated to fit the Street Fighter scenario. Her moves look powerful and visually stunning thanks to the motion capture technology used in the game. Akira’s mostly focused on close range attacks due to her small size compared to most of the characters but still has pretty good mid-range options.

Regarding her V-Skills, Akira’s V-Skill 1: Kiko Rensei, enhances her special move Kiko Kai, increasing the number of hits and allowing additional combos afterwards. It can also be used on air and it’s EX version has a wall bounce effect.

V-Skill 2: Tsutenda is an attack that launches the enemy in the air, and if the upward direction is inputted, Akira will jump in the air pursuing the opponent leading to the possibility of executing an Air Burst, a Rival Schools mechanic re-created to fit Street Fighter’s style of gameplay, for example: by performing a Tsutenda after a target combo will lead to a Short Air Burst, differently from when performing a standard Tsutenda that leads to a higher jump.

Now about the V-Triggers, the first one is Otoko No Senaka, where she calls her older brother, Daigo, to come and attack the opponent. The attack deals 2 hits and the second one can’t be interrupted even if Akira gets hit.

V-Trigger 2: Haten No Kamae, is a unique stance which can be followed up by three different moves, each with it’s own unique attributes. The V-Gauge will become a V-Timer that allows Akira to use the move up to two times.

In general, Akira is kind of like a rushdown character who can also deal big amounts of damage and her stage looks great with tons of callbacks from the Rival Schools series, such as Gan and Edge in the background.


Another Street Fighter And Fortnite Crossover

This isn’t specifically related to Street Fighter V but it’s still a big deal. Capcom made another deal with Epic Games and this time we’ll have Guile and Cammy in Fortnite.


After Ryu and Chun-li, now Guile and Cammy got to be a part of this big crossover of all kinds of franchises. Even though not many Street Fighter fans might be interested in it, at least it brings more attention to this classic fighting game franchise.

The Final Character Is Finally Revealed

At the end of the update stream, Capcom finally showed us who is the last season 5 character. His name is Luke and he is a brand new character for the Street Fighter series, according to SFV’s director Takayuki Nakayama, Luke is a glimpse at the franchise’s future, implying that he’ll be in Street Fighter 6 as an initial character for the game.

Luke’s design is really attractive for many reasons, such as because he’s a boxer like Ed but mostly because people theorized that he could’ve been the same Luke from the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars, which was instantly disproved by Nakayama on Twitter.

As for his moves, Luke reminds us a lot of Ed’s style of fighting, since both are boxers, but Luke seems to have more focus on impact and damage rather than technique and spacing. He also appears to possess some kind of engine powered arms that make his attacks be more impactful and have longer range reaching full screen. Even then, we still don’t know much about who is Luke and how he’ll show us hints about how the future of Street Fighter will be.

You can check Luke’s Character Trailer below:

And that’s it for the Street Fighter V Summer Update news, if you want to see more details about any of the content posted here, you can watch the update video down below:

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