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What If…?- A multiverse in progress (SPOILERS)

The first episode of the new Marvel Series continues Marvel’s work to introduce us the Multiverse started by Loki. Placed in an alternated timeline of the MCU where Peggy Carter takes the serum and becomes a super soldier instead of Stever Rogers, the first episode builts an alternate version of the movie Captain American: The first Avenger, but some problems came with that.

Some changes were made in the movie other than the ones we were expecting, like the addition of a captain previous seen in Agent Carter, one of Marvel “non-mcu-atteched” series.

An Iron Man version of Steve Rogers was very cool, and Bucky references to it’s arm made me feel back at the UCM, feeling that i was loosing throught the episode.

The differences between the animation and the movies were fully visible. Personally, i didn’t enjoy the fighting style and the nonstoppable kicking ass Peggy Carter, too cartunistic for the mcu. But that’s my opinion.

Chris Evans not returning to voice Steve was a dissapointment, but it was kind expected. Other than that minor problems, it was a kick ass start to this new Universe we are seeing.

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