Is Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ That Good?

Solar Power premiered on august 20th 2021 as the third album of the singer/songwriter Lorde and as you should’ve already guessed is themed arround summer.

Title Track

The title track has nice acoustic guitars that are responsible for most part of the rythm in the first half of the song and pleasing vocal harmonies but really poor harmonic complexity, which, combined with the absense of rythmic elements results in the song being uninteresting.

No Power

Encountering the name of the album came with expectations of something more powerful and good-summer-timey like Levitating by Dua Lipa but instead we got lightweighted and a bit psychedelic tunes with predictable structures and no energy at all.

Convenience vs Identity

One thing this album has a problem with is the balance between maintaining a constant identity and falling into songwriting convenience. Instead of each song working as an individual part of a greater piece of art and maintaining the identity of the author, it just feels like a mass of individual results of the same formula. Instead of the songs feeling like part of something big, they all sound the same.

Overall Grade

Every piece of media has its ups and downs, this one unfortunately focused more on the downs. We do have a good production and recording going on but that’s not really above the industry standards.

This Album scores a 6/10 in objective aspects and a 4/10 in my perspective, it doesn’t fit my personal taste by any means and it is compositionaly poor.



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