Olivia Rodrigo’s Drivers License Wins VMA Song of the Year

This Sunday (September 12), the Video Music Awards was held by MTV on Barclays Center NY and brought to the limelight what music the young generation of today’s society loves and listens. The winner of the category Song of The Year, competing against Levitating, Leave The Door Open, Mood, Dynamite and WAP was Drivers Licence by Olivia Rodrigo but…

Is it That Good?

The Song follows a simple I – vi – IV progression on the verse and a IV – V – vi – IV – I on the chorus so what really spices it up is the melody and the singing, Olivia has a incredible voice and doesn’t make use of pitch correction and the melody is very well written expecially in the chorus climbing the scales degrees. Truly an amazing work of art

Production-wise it is very well polished with a bit of saturation when needed and big wide vocal harmonies that can only be achieved with tracks that are not pitch corrected. The real question to be asked here is

Is it That Better?

The Video Music Awards winners are decided by popular vote so the award doesn’t guarantees musical quality so much as it considers comercial succes and popularity so it’s safe to argue on the decision of the people. Most of the songs that were nominated as Song of The Year fall below Drivers License but one of the nominees stands ou in my opinion.

Leave The Door Open

Silk Sonic is a new project by Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak and is hyping up a possible new album on the way. Their first single is Leave The Door Open, a ballad inspired by the 1970’s sound of Earth, Wind & Fire with complex harmony and chord extensions and a organic sounding band. It also was a nomenee for the Song of the Year Award and was the one I personally voted for. While being inspired by an old sound it doesn’t sound old or reused, it feels like something inovative while still sounding familliar. This is the 2Q4GAwards Song of The Year for now.

Photo: Reproduction/Youtube MTV


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