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Could Imsoniac Games be building a Marvel’s Gaming Universe?

Sony Playstation’s Showcase happened last Thursday (09/09) and broke the gaming community. But we are here to talk about two upcoming games that were announced: Wolverine and Spider-Man 2.

Photo: Disclosure


The first game was, in fact, remarcable. Swinging through New York made you feel just like Spider-Man. The plot, the music, the gameplay, everything just felt right for most of the time, except when you had to play as Mary Jane or Miles.

Then we had Miles Morales standalone DLC, wich was incridible, where you could really sense that you were controlling another kind of hero.

We had a short teaser showing Peter’s and Miles’ new suits, very similar to those in the first game, an narration that could be Kraven the Hunter, and a quick look at Venom. The game is set to launch in 2023.

There is still information missing, about how will the gameplay be with 2 spider-mans, maybe we will be playing with both in different moments, maybe we can choose, maybe a cooperative mode, and maybe in some moments we can play with both at the same time.


This one we don’t have a lot to talk about. All we got is a reveal trailer, that shows an messed up bar, where wolverine has knocked out everyone there. All we got is this cinematic, no gameplay or information and no dates.


Two games inspired by 2 great Marvel Comic’s characters, made by the same company. We don’t have a clue if these are connected, happening in the same universe or timeline. It is confirmed, though, that the avengers game and guardians of the galaxy by square enix do not coexist with Spider-Man (PS4), but they are made by another company, so, there is hope with Wolverine.

It is worthy recall, that, the existence of other heros like the avengers and doctor strange are canon in the Imsoniac “Spider-Universe”.

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