Bayonetta Is Back For Another Spectacular Show

After more than 3 long years of waiting, Bayonetta 3 was at last revealed in today’s (23) Nintendo Direct as the final reveal for the event. The game was first teased back in 2017 and now fans got to take a look at it’s visuals and gameplay that are full of style.

First things first, Bayonetta’s new visual looks stunning and with a very different approach of style than the previous games, he braids make an obvious reference to Cereza from the first game and she now wears a dress with less sex appeal but without taking away her unique essence.


The trailer appears to take place in a very modern scenario with very chaotic events going on, with monsters destroying everything around them and buildings getting distorted as Bayonetta fights those beings through the city.


In terms of gameplay, Bayonetta seems to play the same way she always did but with a few new cards up her sleeve, such as being able to transform into her true witch form to unleash even more powerful attacks, and the ability to summon 3 different beasts: a dragon, a bird and the spider Phantom who first appeared in the Devil May Cry series.


Bayonetta still uses her iconic pistols which she uses to attack enemies from long distances or stun them during her flashy combos. She can also use her Witch Time to gain speed advantage against her foes.

The trailer ends showing us that it will launch on 2022, followed by a mysterious character that fans joked that it was Vergil from the DMC series due to his hair and sword, we will have to wait until we get to know what this new character’s role in this title will be.

You can watch the gameplay trailer by yourself down below:

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