Minecraft 1.18 Mobvote

This monday (October 11th) the Minecraft official Youtube channel released three videos, each announcing a brand new mob idea that can be featured in the upcoming 1.18 update. The community will vote which of the following mobs will be in the next version of Minecraft.

The Glare

The mob that let the players know when they are in an area that is dark enough for monsters, the glare flies to dark areas for you. When it gets grumpy you will know that it’s dark enough for monsters to spawn.

This green guy that looks straight out of a packman game will be useful for telling players where it’s too dark and not mob free, a feature that was already present in Java Edition in the debug menu also known as the F3 menu so it will be specially useful for Bedrock Edition and hardcore players.

The Allay

If you give and Allay an item, it will collect matching items for you. It also loves music, so if there’s a noteblock nearby, that’s where it will drop them.

This fantom-looking blue guy will be the best one for adverturers, explorers and gatherers. It will also be good for organizing dropped items in farms and houses, maybe we’ll be able to change its inventory item or it will be the same for its lifetime once we give them one, nevertheless it is a really intersting and useful idea.

The Copper Golem

The Copper Golem is a mob that you, the player, can build yourself! It oxidises overtime and loves to randomly press copper buttons,[…].

This mob that will probably look like a brownish iron golem and be made with four copper blocks and a carved pumpkin will have a limited lifespan but will probably have the possibility of ressurection or conservation with honey. This mob has a very simple concept that is pressing copper buttons, but it’ll open an infinity of possibilities for the redstone engineers and adventure map builders as it can be a usefull mechanic for puzzles as well.


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