Gal Gadot to Play Evil Queen in Disney’s Live-Action “Snow White”

Photo: Disclosure/Warner

Is Gal Gadot ready to play another iconic character in the movies? After conquering the world of heroes with her role as Wonder Woman, it seems that Gal will also enter a new fantastical universe, this time as a villain.

Today (03), “Deadline” announced that Gadot would be in negotiations to play the Evil Queen in a new Disney live-action. A few months ago, we announced that Rachel Zegler had been cast to play Snow White. The film will be directed by Marc Webb, known for directing Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man films.

The production of the feature film is scheduled to begin in 2022 and also includes a well-known duo on its soundtrack. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the minds behind the soundtrack to such works as LaLaLand and King of the Show, are reportedly set to produce the soundtrack to the new Snow White movie.

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