Is ABBA’s Voyage That Good?

It’s finally time to talk about the comeback of one of the most successful pop groups of the 70’s, which is my personal favorite time in music history. ABBA has a consagrated place in the history of popular music, but is back to prove that they are not history lost to time yet. Was it better to let ABBA die as the hero? Did they destroy the name of what was already great? Is is that good?

Great Dynamics

The first track starts the album with a calm piano and voice duo and takes two minutes to rise for a energetic faithful section that decays after some time and rises yet again to the end of the song, the whole album has great dynamics and don’t let the song structures get too boring.

Great Keyboards

This album has analog synths all over the place and I find it awesome, it helps to bring back that feeling of the 70’s, when synthesizers were getting introduced into popular mainstream music for the first time. Every track has some kind of keyboard in it, mainly piano, clavinet and synths, Benny Anderson is definitlely shining bright more than ever with his classic downward piano glissando and rythmic key banging all arround this record.


Vocalists in a band are always the ones that suffer the most with time and the changes that it causes to our bodies, that’s the case for the lead singers of ABBA, their voice sounds old without sounding tired but there’s a lot of pitch correction that helps them a lot to not sound as old as they are. The pitch correction doesn’t sound natural and it doesn’t feel like it was intentionally out of place or used as an effect.


ABBA’s Voyage contains 10 tracks adding up to a length of 37:03 minutes, which is pretty less than a modern album but is more than enough, long albuns are often tiring to listen to and don’t get comprehended as a whole piece of art and instead serve the purpose of releasing as much music as possible and sell the most it can. I would say that this record is about the perfect length.

Overall Grade

This album scores a 8/10 in objective aspects and a 7/10 in my perspective. Voyage stays true to the ABBA’s old essence, but fails to innovate and to bring new experiences to the table. ABBA’s style is very rooted in the 70’s and 80’s culture, it will soon be the next generation’s grandma’s favorite band and maybe it will trend again but, as of now, it sounds pretty cheesy and outdated.

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