The Polemic Don’t Worry Darling (2022) and its aspects

“Don’t Worry Darling,” a new film directed by Olivia Wilde, released in September 2022, takes place in a fictional utopian city set in the 1950s when women stayed home while their husbands went to work every day. In this film, the men and husbands work in a company managed by Frank, played by Chris Pine, the film’s antagonist. Frank is in charge of Project Victory and runs a podcast to attract new followers to his cult by convincing them to enter virtual reality via YouTube. Only he, the security guards in red, and the husbands were aware of the true nature of the initiative.

Throughout the movie, we follow Alice, a role that was given to the young actress Florence Pugh, who is most known for her roles in Little Women, Black Widow, and Midsommar( the movie that drew Olivia Wilde’s eyes to the actress).

Alice is the wife of Jack, who is a Victory Project participant and is played by none other than Harry Styles. Due to Alice’s hallucinations, which were actually flashbacks of her previous life, the character begins to doubt the project and her idealistic lifestyle. And it is based on these questions that things become instigating; we observe Alice threatening the project and, like her, we try to understand what it is all about. In the end, although the drama was not well received by critics, who said it lacked creativity. The audience praised the performance of Florence and Harry Styles, who is beginning to participate more in the film business.

In terms of my evaluation, I believe the picture was well-crafted, offering a range of settings with a sense of psychological fear. My biggest issue is the scarcity of information on Project Victory. What motivated the project’s objectives? Was it merely to make people happier?  In the movie, the project is just there and is accepted by the people, but they never mention the final purpose of it. To conclude, the film is worth seeing, shares several Black Mirror concepts, and encourages numerous observations on intrapersonal issues and how far someone would go to change her life.

Despite our perspective and other reviews, we believe that one of the reasons the film has become so talked about and controversial is the amount of gossip and assumptions regarding the trio Olivia, Florence, and Harry Styles. Recently, many fans have created theories regarding the interactions between the three due to the artists’ behaviors at premieres and in interviews.

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