Sabrina Carpenter’s music video “Nonsense” is out

Today, Friday 11th, Sabrina Carpenter released her second music video for the song Nonsense, and you can check out the video clip at the end of this article. The song about a boy who got her “talking nonsense” has been the fan’s favorite on tour for her latest album.

Emails I can’t send

Sabrina’s 5th studio album was released this year on the 15th of July, and had its first single Skinny dipping on September 9th, 2021. The album debuted at number 23 on US Billboard 200 and has been in the artist’s higher position since the beginning of her career. With 13 songs and 5 singles, Emails I Can’t Send is one of the most talked about albums of the year.

Joshua Basset

What do Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Basset, and Sabrina Carpenter have in common? The drama, of course. Since the release of Olivia’s “Sour”, many theories about a love triangle involving the three of them have been all over the internet. Joshua and Olivia started dating on the set of “High School Music: The Musical- The Series,” but the rumors say that when they broke up Joshua started dating Sabrina. So, it appears that their songs are just giving the listeners a story. Sabrina clarified, however, during her US tour, that Joshua is not the subject of the song “Nonsense,” despite a lot of fans speculating to the contrary.

I caught the L-O-V-E

The latest music video from Sabrina, in which she simultaneously portrays herself and the “Dipshit” boyfriend, is another excellent example of an excellent storytelling and a really unique production.

“Track no. 9 has a video all bc of you guys!! nonsense video is out now and it is sooo unserious + def one of my favorite videos may b ever.”

Sabrina stated on Instagram

Carpenter is establishing herself as one of the industry’s new artists, demonstrating that her music is never nonsense.

Sabrina Carpenter – Nonsense

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