An artistic catharsis: RM’s “Indigo” resembles poetry

While young, we all have been through that obnoxious phase of uncertainty and overthought worries. What would life be without those existential crises back and forth, right? RM has been there too, and Indigo represents the lemonade made out of the lemons of youth (but way more poetic than this writer right here is).

Released on December 2nd, BTS’ RM’s “archive of his twenties” and first solo full album is his honest letter about life. Through thought-provoking lyrics on humanity, loneliness, and the healing that succeeds growing pains, the rapper reflects on his ascension to fame at a young age and its consequences.

“Memories of holding onto dawn’s edge and spitting things out / Society’s all for the loudest voice / And here I am, still speaking silence”, says RM on Indigo’s lead single, Wild Flower (feat. youjeen). Watch it here:

Debuting at #7 on Spotify’s Top Artists Global and reaching #1 in 90 countries on iTunes, RM has not only gathered significant chart positions: critiques gave pretty good scores for Indigo, ranging between 80 and 91 points on Metacritic.

Indigo is an adventurous sonic portrait of RM’s inner world, the work of an artist who finds his voice by bringing together the influences that resonate with his soul”, said the Rolling Stones. “Just as he’s found comfort and resilience through the art that’s inspired him, Indigo is RM’s chance to do the same for his millions of listeners today.”

Regarding promotions, fans had a deeper insight into the album’s making through the RM ‘Indigo’ Album Magazine Film, a short documentary released on YouTube. It unraveled the rapper’s perception of the album’s meaning and brought exclusive interviews with its featured artists. Besides that, an intimate Tiny Desk performance surprised the public with acoustic versions of Yun (feat. Erykah Badu), Still Life (feat. Anderson .Paak), and seoul (from his previous mixtape, mono).

Indigo was loaded with high expectations from the moment it was announced. Now that the album is out, could we say they were met? Well, it seems like it gracefully did. RM (a.k.a Kim Namjoon) is responsible for a tremendously sincere and touching work. This 10-track release is the definite mark of the artist’s new chapter – which appears to be beautifully written.

Article by Ana Carolina


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