Troll Review: What if Jurassic Park met The Big (not so) Friendly Giant

The latest movie from Netflix, Troll, immerses us in traditional Norwegian mythology while telling a tale about the influence of fairytales and heritage.

A weird beast awakens during a railroad building project in the Dovre mountains in the middle of Norway, causing chaos and adventure. Paleontologist Nora Tidemann (Ine Marie Wilmann), captain Holm (Mads Sjgrd Pettersen), and prime-minister advisor Andreas (Kim S. Falck-Jrgensen) are summoned to assist the government.

The movie explores an interesting take on classical Norwegian tales and gives new life to potentially forgotten aspects of the mystical culture. In a further analysis, inciting the audience to reflect on the violence and destruction colonization has caused in original populations.

The uncertainties and fears of dealing with the unknown aren’t at their full potential in the movie, but they are definitely somewhere in the discussion. However, the lack of character development and depth, even with some sweet father-daughter moments, and the presence of a few plot holes, such as the lack of action from other countries in the issue, may come as a barrier to the full enjoyment of the film to certain viewers.

Netflix’s interpretation of folklore with loads of adventure and fantasy, Troll is a great film to watch on a Sunday afternoon with the family.

Photo: Disclosure

Article by Mariana Sousa


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