Grammy Awards Special: Harry’s House

WE ARE LESS THAN 30 DAYS AWAY FROM THE GRAMMY AWARDS! The 2quick4geeks team is here to let you know of the top names on the 65th annual most important awards of the music industry. Why not start with one of the most talked-about artists of 2022? Harry Styles sure is one of the biggest surprises of the year with his third studio album “Harry’s House”.


Harry released the album on May 20th,2022. One of the most-sold albums of the year, with 13 tracks, four of them simultaneously on Billboard’s Hot10. “As it was” was released as the first single on April 1st, and it immediately got public attention, “Late Night Talking” and “Music For A sushi Restaurant” music videos were released on July 13th and October 3rd respectively. 


It is impossible to talk about Harry’s House and not give special attention to its first single. The song was one of the biggest hits of 2022,38 weeks of 2022 in the Hot100 and 14 weeks as number 1. The song won 2 VMAs as Best Pop Music Video, and Best Cinematography (Styles also won 1 VMA for Album of the Year). But is it finally time for to Harry gain the top? “As it Was” is nominated for Song of The Year, Best Music Video, and Best Pop Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards. The song is absolutely a high mark for 2022 and for sure a banger.


Harry does not have a good record at the awards, the artist only has one Grammy for Best Performance with “Watermelon Sugar High” at the 2022 Grammys. But this year he got 6 nominations and is one of the public’s favorites. Styles is also nominated for Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Record of The Year. However, we have many other great artists in the game and we can surely expect a thrilling night.

Article by Arthur


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