Grammy Awards Special: “RENAISSANCE” by Beyoncé

Queen Bey’s renaissance as a disco queen 

For our joy (and the Recording Academy members’ too), the queen returned last year! Beyoncé’s comeback album “RENAISSANCE” was a trendsetter and a Grammy nominations magnet (act shocked!). As the biggest music award show is coming soon, let’s recap Queen Bey’s path to the nomination for Album of The Year. 

On July 29, 2022, Beyoncé released her seventh studio album: “RENAISSANCE”. As soon as it debuted, the release reached the US Billboard 200 chart peak. Besides the US, the album also made its appearance in many No.1 positions worldwide: Denmark, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland… And did you think it was over? Dear reader, we are talking about who runs the world. 

“BREAK MY SOUL”, the album’s lead single, reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the week of its release. Alongside it, all 16 tracks from “RENAISSANCE” entered the chart (ranging from No.1 to No. 70). Beyoncé became the third solo female singer with the most Hot 100 entries. 

Besides an incredible reception on the charts, the critiques also applauded Queen Bey’s return. Her seventh studio work received a 91 score on Metacritic, being the #4 highest rank of 2022.

With its blend of the 70’s Black music styles, Beyoncé pays homage to the disco culture and all the minorities that are historically contemplated by it. In the tracks “PURE/HONEY” and “BREAK MY SOUL”, samples of the LGBTQI+ artists Moi Renee and Big Freedia can be heard. As well as for the Black community, disco music also has a dense background of inclusion for the LGBTQI+ public. In “RENAISSANCE”, Beyoncé salutes her Blackness while honoring the whole history that backs the music she is producing.

But about the Grammys’ “Album of the Year”… Well, you can see our bets here. But what are yours? Let us know below!

Article by Ana Carolina


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