Sabrina Carpenter got us thinking Nonsense

After the release of her new album ´´Emails I can’t send´´, Sabrina Carpenter is back in the game with her new single Nonsense and prepared for the holidays with its remix A Nonsense Christmas


Sabrina released her fifth album ´´emails I can’t send´´ Earlier this year on July 15, 2022. With 13 songs and five singles, skinny dipping the lead single was released last year (2021) on September ninth, and the other singles fast times, vicious, and because I liked a boy, were released throughout this year (2022) with their own music videos. Last but not least The music video for nonsense was released on November 10th, 2022, becoming the fifth single from the album. This leads us to our next topic. 


The ninth song on the album, Nonsense talks about a girl who gets so anxious every time she is around her significant other that she loses control of her mouth and starts blabbering nonsense. The song became popular after Sabrina started to change the outro for the song on her tour emails I can’t send Tour to match the name of every city onto the lyrics. An example of that would be the outro that she did when she went to Atlanta, “Come over tonight my room is spotless / I’m so that this outro is chaotic / Atlanta is officially the hottest” 

Nonsense became a huge hit on TikTok when the second verse of the song became a TikTok dance, and it became so viral that Sabrina decided to add a compilation of the dances to the Spotify background video for the song. Nonsense already has a music video, Speed Up version, lyric video, and a Christmas remix. 

[Verse 2] 

I’m talkin’ all around the clock 

I’m talkin’ hope nobody knocks 

I’m talkin’ opposite of soft 

I’m talkin’ wild, wild thoughts 

You gotta keep up with me 

I got some young energy 

I caught the L-O-V-E 

How do you do this to me?


The Christmas remix of nonsense first appeared on Sabrina`s TikTok on the first of December as a teaser and it got fully released on December 7th. The song is full of Christmas references, double-meaning phrases, and genius lyric changes, but still kept the original nonsense beat and melody. Sabrina commented on her Twitter when she released the remix: 

Y’all made me do this ‘A Nonsense Christmas‘ is out now on all streaming platforms happy holidays!!

The remix got popular on TikTok and had people saying things like: ´´Sabrina is just as horny as I am´´ or ´´This song is so hilariously inappropriate.´´ 

Here are some phrases from the Christmas remix that I hope will make you wanna listen to the song: 

1. Look at all those presents, that’s a big sack. Boy, that package is too big to gift wrap

2. When you’re comin’ down the chimney, oh, it feels so good 

3. Baby, my tongue goes numb, sounds like “hoe hoe hoe” 

Sabrina gave everything she had into these songs and it was absolutely perfect! No wonder they got so popular, so if you haven’t listened to any of these songs yet my advice would be to go on youtube right now and listen to the whole album because you will not be disappointed. 

Article by Luisa Sousa


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