Grammy Awards’ Special: “30” by Adele

Hello, it’s me. But now in my 30’s.

The world’s favorite “crying-in-the-shower” singer has come back! Last year, Adele released her 4th LP, 30, and TikTok’s trendsetters were not the only ones to stan it.

As usual (DISCLAIMER: “usual” here means every 3-6 years), the British singer collected noticeable nominations. But will she be collecting awards on February 5th? We have made our bets, but you can take your conclusions with this throwback: 

The heartfelt 30 might be Adele’s most touching release – and we are talking about an expert on heartbreaking songwriting. As the artist stated, this album not only exposes her feelings on divorce but it goes beyond that. 

Adele – Easy On Me (Official Video) 

Narrating the sorrow of detangling yourself from the bonds of a “comfort zone,” in her case, breaking up a 9-year relationship. Adele showcases how moving on can be hurtful, though needed. In tracks like My Little Love, which samples a conversation between the singer and her child, Adele sings a blameful message to her son.“[…] I ain’t surprised you can read through all of my lies / I feel so bad to be here when I’m so guilty.”  

30 exposes Adele’s struggles to help her son understand the situation while she also tries to comprehend it. Not surprisingly, the album was greatly publicly acclaimed. In 43 days, Adele’s 4th album sold 5 million unities. This was 30’s sixth entry on the Guinness Books – and Adele’s 46th in her career. 

With an impressive score of 88 on Metacritic, the album was described as cinematic by Consequence. “30 is also Adele’s most sonically ambitious record yet. […] at times it feels like it’s soundtracking a classic film”. 

The British’s release has been nominated for the three main categories of the Grammys. Considering the background we’ve shown, how many gramophones do you think she is getting? Comment below!

Article by Ana Carolina


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