BTS’ J-hope releases solo documentary

For centuries, a mystery has haunted the minds of many: what lies in the depths of Pandora’s box? Speculations have risen, but now, it might be time to quit wondering… The box is open!

The BTS rapper, j-hope, stars in the new documentary j-hope IN THE BOX. It follows the rapper’s trajectory on the making of his first solo album and his record-breaking performance on Lollapalooza. 

Released this Friday (Feb. 17th) on Disney Plus, j-hope IN THE BOX portrays the musician’s intimate relationship with his work, family and BTS members. The 1h25min music-doc shows j-hope’s inspirations to produce Jack in The Box, his sincere and “dark sided” solo album. “With Hope World (j-hope’s first mixtape released in 2018), I was still inside the box. […] That’s part of who I am. But at the same time, it felt like it was time to show a maturer side of me. I thought, when I finally pop out of the box, I want to sing about my experiences outside the box”, he said. 

Now, let the tea be spilled: j-hope IN THE BOX restates why the rapper got to be a worldwide influence. The documentary accompanies his strict involvement with his projects: from producing Jack in The Box‘s 10 tracks and its concept to directing the stage’s settings for his performance at Lollapalooza – a “storm” by its own. 

Being the first South Korean to headline a major US music festival, j-hope reportedly gave Lollapalooza their greatest sales ever. 100,000 attendees filled Illinois’ park and made the floor tremble with their excited cheers. It is no wonder though. On that day, they witnessed history. 

The ancestral myth about Pandora’s box says that the last thing that might come out of it is hope. Afterwards, j-hope IN THE BOX showcases what is hidden behind this known hope; the artist standing behind their art. 

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Article by Ana Carolina


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